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Professional solutions for power substations

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Professional solution for power substations,grid,electricity,power plants,ect.

Greencisco battery chargers ( IGBT chargers, thyristor battery chargers, rack mount battery chargers, modular battery chargers or phase-controlled battery chargers ) are with 48Vdc to 1000Vdc, 1A to 5000A current,which can be solution for the power problems for customers with different needs.

Advantages of our battery chargers:

  1. IGBT chargers, thyristor battery chargers ( 6 pulse or 12 pulse battery chargers), rack mount battery chargers, modular battery chargers which can meet all customers with different needs

  2. With input voltage: 220VAC to 480VAC range; output: 48Vdc to 1000Vdc, 1A to 5000A current, output voltage and current can be continuously adjusted

  3. With RS485 communication, With LCD touch screen +LED indicators+meters display

  4. With parallel and current sharing functions or one charger is working, the others are standby function

  5. Can be remotely monitored or controlled

  6. With high quality, MTBF>200000hours without any fault, design life>20years

  7. Can be working at 60C environment

  8. Successfully provided them for substations customers,national grid,electricity customers for many years without any fault.

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