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Modular Frequency Converters

Application: Widely used for Navy; shipyard,shiprepair;shipbuilding,airport;aircraft;vehicles and other equipments which have strict requirements for the volume, weight, power density,input/output power quality for the frequency converters,ect.


Our company's modular frequency converter adopts an active PFC thyristor rectifier+high-frequency isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter+high-frequency three-phase or single-phase sine inverter circuit topology, omitting the output power frequency isolation transformer that has the greatest impact on the volume and weight of the variable frequency converter. Under the same output power capacity, our modular frequency converter is one-third of the current volume and one-quarter of the weight of tower frequency converters.
Our modular frequency converter adopts standard 19 inch 2U modular chassis structure. Each power module has the same structure, and can achieve rated power output capacity of 5KW to 15KW single-phase to 150KW three-phase four wire for frequency converters according to different applications.
For single-phase frequency converters, a silicon carbide high-frequency power factor correction boost rectifier circuit is used; For three-phase frequency converters, a silicon carbide full bridge PWM rectifier circuit is adopted; The purpose of achieving high input power factor and low input current harmonics in variable frequency converter power supplies.
The input power supply is rectified by an active PFC and outputs a DC bus voltage. The DC bus voltage is connected to a SIC high-frequency isolated bidirectional DC/DC inverter, and the input circuit and output circuit are electrically isolated through a high-frequency isolation transformer. And the high-frequency isolated DC/DC circuit is a bidirectional energy conversion circuit, which can achieve bidirectional automatic transmission of energy from input to output or from output to input. The other circuit is connected to the auxiliary power supply DC/DC isolation converter, providing various voltage auxiliary power supplies for the entire module. Multiple high-capacity supporting capacitors are connected in parallel to the DC bus,which not only achieves the filtering function of the DC bus, but also provides sufficient instantaneous power capacity for impulse loads.
This series of modular frequency converters not only adopt the latest high-frequency inverter circuit topology design and control algorithms, but also adopts multiple proprietary control technologies and manufacturing processes of our company that has continuously developed and optimized in the variable frequency converter industry for more than 20 years. These proprietary technologies include but are not limited to the following: "silicon carbide tube parallel drive and protection technology", "single-phase active PFC rectification technology", "three-phase PWM rectification technology", "SVPWM wave generation control technology", "instantaneous voltage waveform control technology", "wave by wave current limiting control technology", "unmanned adaptive synchronous parallel operation control technology", "power module hot swap technology" and other proprietary technologies and rigorous design and manufacturing processes of our company, Ensure that the quality performance of this series of modular frequency converter equipment reaches the highest level in the field in China.
Active PFC thyristor rectifier. The input harmonic current is small THDi ≤ 3%, the input power factor is high PF ≥ 0.99.
Using silicon carbide power switching devices to form a full bridge inverter or DC/DC converter. The switching frequency is high from 40KHz to 80KHz, with fast control speed and high accuracy. The output AC ripple is small, and the sine wave shape is extremely smooth.
Using high frequency isolation transformer inside, with small size and weight.
Due to the high switching frequency of inverter, with small size and weight, low heat generation of the inverter, the inverter achieves silent operation of the variable frequency converter power supply.
With standard modular design. Implement modular hot swapping function.
Each power module can have power capacity of up to 15KVA, and multiple power modules can be connected in parallel for expansion or redundant power supply based on the output power capacity of the variable frequency converters.

ModelMFC series Modular Frequency Converters
System Capacity(KVA)MFC5011-15KVA(Single phase); MFC5033-30KVA to 150KVA(three phases)
EnvironmentWork environmentIndoor type or IP65 outdoor type
Humidity≤95%,No condensation
Work temperature-20℃~+45℃
Storage temperature- 40℃~65℃
Altitude79kPa ~106kPa,<2000m
CoolingCooling fan
InputRated voltageSingle phase 110V/220V/260VAC; Three phases 200V/380V/415V/440V/460VAC
Voltage range±20%
Power modeSingle phase+PE ground; three phases/3Wires+PE ground or 3 phases/4 Wires+PE ground
Rated frequency50Hz,60Hz,400Hz
Frequency range±10Hz
Power factor≥0.99(Remark: >30% rated current)
THDiTHDi≦3%(Remark:>50% rated current)
Hot swap and instant surge current<120% rated current
OutputOutput power modeSingle phase or three phases/3 wires
Output rated voltageSingle phase 110V/220V/260VAC; Three phases 200V/380V/415V/440V/460VAC
Output voltage regulation range50V~+20% rated output voltage
Output voltage peakCF=1.4±0.1(Remark: no load)

Static≦0.5v,Dynamic≦±1% Rated voltage(Remark:0~100%ladder type load)
Voltage stabilization rate

When the rated load suddenly increases/decreases at 100%, the instantaneous change rate of output voltage (Sags and Swells) is ≤ ± 3%, and it returns to the rated output voltage within 0.5 fundamental cycles (8ms).
Output rated frequency50Hz,60Hz,400Hz
Output frequency accuracy0.001Hz
Output frequency stability≦0.01% rated output frequency(Remark:0~100% output frequency is stable when load changes)
Rated output current20A
Overload ability125% rated current>10 min,150% rated current >30s
Capable of withstanding an instantaneous peak current impulse of 3 times the rated output current. When the instantaneous peak current exceeds 3 times the rated output current, the inverter power supply will trip in reverse time. (Inverse time trip, meaning that the larger the current, the shorter the trip protection time)
Unbalanced three-phase output voltage≦±1% rated voltage
Phase angle of three-phase output voltage120 ° (±0.1 ° )
Efficiency≥95%(Remark:100% rated current)
Structural performanceMain circuit topologyHigh frequency boost rectifier circuit, high frequency three-phase PWM rectifier circuit, high frequency three-phase full bridge inverter circuit
ModulationSVPWM Space vector pulse width modulation method
Voltage control modeInstantaneous voltage waveform feedback control method
Switch frequency≥40KHz~80KHz
Main control processor chipDomestic DSP processor, main frequency 150MHz, single core or imported TMS320F28337, main frequency 200MHz, dual core
Display3.12-inch monochrome LCD display screen+touch operation buttons
DisplayDisplayWhen the input power supply experiences phase sequence, phase loss (three-phase imbalance), undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, or DC bus overvoltage, the power module will shut down for protection and display fault information. (Protection threshold can be set arbitrarily)
DisplayWhen there is a phase loss, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, or short circuit in the output power supply, the power module will shut down for protection, disconnect the output, and display fault information (the protection threshold can be set arbitrarily)
ProtectionHeat radiator temperature too high (cooling fan failure), power module synchronization failure shutdown protection and disconnection of output and display of fault information (temperature protection threshold can be set arbitrarily)
Output current limiting functionInstantaneous peak output current limiting, with arbitrary setting of limiting threshold (wave by wave limiting control technology)
Input displayDisplay the three-phase line (phase) voltage, frequency, three-phase line current, apparent power, active power, reactive power, and power factor of the input power supply. (Display and measurement accuracy is 0.5 level, with 1 decimal displayed)
Output displayDisplay the three-phase line (phase) voltage, frequency, three-phase line current, apparent power, active power, reactive power, and power factor of the output power supply. (Display and measurement accuracy is 0.5 level, with 1 decimal displayed)
Parameter displaySystem operating time, DC bus voltage, switching frequency setting value, output voltage setting value, output frequency setting value, and radiator temperature.
Faulty displayDisplay fault alarm information in the form of text scrolling lights
Operation displayDisplay operation prompt information and troubleshooting methods in the form of text scrolling lights
OthersVoltage resistance and insulation strengthThere should be no breakdown or ignition phenomenon (leakage current<10mA) between the input/output port and the chassis at 2500V/AC for 1 minute
Insulation resistanceInput/output port to shell>100M Ω (test voltage 500Vdc)
Module Dimension19”/2U height(W 48.26cm x H 4.445cm x D 58cm)
Module weight11KGS
Design life20 years