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Shore Electric Box

Shore Electric Box is widely used for shipbuilding factories, shiprepair,ect.


The shore electric box is a non-standard product designed and produed by our company for the port dock rapid connection and electrical cable. 
The shore electric box can use domestic or imported high-current cable cuttage, and it can be equipped with the corresponding control circuit and protection circuit of the electric cutting cable. The cable terminal can be reserved for cables with no cable cuttings. The shore electric box has the following characteristics:
1.1. The shore electric box of low voltage: 440V or high voltage: 6.6 KV or other various specifications can be made according to customer requirements.
1.2. Standard control circuit and protection circuit with hot-swappable of cable.
1.3. Adopt high quality steel plates or 304 stainless steel plates.
1.4. The protection level of the shore electric box reaches IP55 or IP65, and the overall coating of epoxy zinc anti-rust primer and bridge special polyammonium primer fully meet the requirements for outdoor use on the shore of the port terminal.