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Lead acid batteries 6V

Maintenance free lead acid batteries are designed and produced with 20 years of floating life. Batteries have the features of maintenance free,small resistance,low self-discharge rate,no liquid leakage,no acidic gas overflow, easy and safe transportation,ect.



Widely used for solar power systems,wind power system,solar street light,UPS,telecommunication station,computers,medical equipments,X-ray equipments,power plant,banks,IT servers,elevator power,emergency power supply,singal light,toys and radio,Garden equipments,Wheel chairs,Portable equipments,Golf trolleys,Airport emergency illumination,Head flash units also for mining,Traffic lights,Street signs,Boats or buoys,toys, testing, distance measuring,Pump system,power plants,Burglar alarms,Fire alarm systems,Transmitter systems,Cash register systems,Emergency lights, signal systems,Telephone systems,Clocks systems,Mobile stations,Radar and satellite stations,meet standards:GB/T19638-2005,YD/T799-2002,JIS C8704-2006,IEC60896-21/22 2004


Adopt oxygen recombination technology
Maintenance free,no need of replenishing electrolyte
Used high quality AGM separator for long service life and preventing micro short circuit
Used ABS materials for increasing strength of battery container
Used high purity lead materials for less gassing and lower self dishcarge rate
Used silver-coated copper terminals and lead terminals to improve electric conductivity
High safety and reliability performance for transportation and application
Excellent protection for overcharge and overdischarge
Excellent performance for harsh environment
Excellent discharging performance
Excellent impact-proof performance
With excellent shock-proof performance
With small internal resistance
With environment friendliness
No leakage of electrolyte
No battery swelling or cracking


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Max discharge
DP6-1006100161000 194x170x205 2.5 
DP6-150150 231500 260x180x2502.5 
DP6-180180 281800 306x168x227 
DP6-200200 29 2000322x177x226 1.5 
DP6-225225 312250322x177x246 1.5