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Smart monitor and Management system

Powerspace is widely used for monitoring and management of Small Data center, server room, container data center, IT, network, communication, ect.



Monitoring and managing UPS, generators, PDU, air conditioners, monitoring batteries, smart power distribution monitoring,environment monitoring of server room or substation power room, including smoke, gas, temperature, humidity,doors and windows,water leakages monitoring,CCTV monitoring,APP monitoring,access control monitoring, ATS switch monitoring, fan monitoring.
With sound/light alarm, telephone alarm,emails alarm, GSM message alarm,ect.


Powerspace 201 series is developed and made by our company for small data center. Powerspace 201 is based on IP network technology and supports UPS monitoring and environment system detection (temperature, humidity, smoke, leakage, motion, door contact, gas,ect ). Powerspace 201 provides fast interface visiting and user settings via web browser, once alarm happens, it will rapidly give alarm notifications with email, SMS, sound light,ect.
Support IPV4/IPV6
Support 8 analog input signal detection
Support SNMP,email alarm notifications
Work with centralized software available
Support history events and data record storage
Support scheduled task, self testing, switch on/off
Compatible with multi brand and multi type of UPS
Support management all kinds of different batteries
Support telnet, supper terminal, web page configuration
Support add relay output control, with 5 digital output terminals
Built-in optional GSM modem, support SMS query or alarm notifications
Support to add dry contact type detectors, with 16 digital input terminals
Support encryption protocol such as: HTTP, HTTPS,SSL,SSH,SNMPV1/V2C/V3
Support to add on 20 temperature and humidity sensors via RS485/RS422 ports
Comprehensive event records and management function of data logs, SNTP, task schedule

Input voltage120-240VAC/50/60HZ
CPU32 bit ARM926E with 300Mhz high speed center processor
RAM64M byte SDRAM with 128M bite NAND flash
Network10/100Mbps high speed ethernet network self adaptive
Device port1*RS232 asynchronous serial port
RS422/RS485 port
16 digit input terminals (0-5V)
8 Analog input terminals (0-5V)
5 digit output terminals (12V/1A)
Browser supportedIE, netscape or compatible browsers
SNMPSupport mibII,RFC1628,PPC mib
Encrypted protocolHTTPS,SSL,SSH,SNMPV3,IPV6
Led indicatorsPW,M-PW,RUN,DEV,PPP,IPP,WEBS,SNMP,EXT,MODEM,LAN10/100M link/active
Securitywith user ID and password