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If the frequency standards of power supply at power grid is 50Hz power supply. For production lines or equipment powered by non 50Hz power supply, if directly connected to the power grid for use, the overall efficiency of the equipment will generally change significantly, causing phenomena such as equipment heating and current increase, especially for inductive loads with frequency relationships, If a device with rated frequency is 60Hz,but powered by 50Hz power supply, the overall efficiency of the device will decrease by more than 30%. If it is a precision device, it makes the device not to work properly. Therefore, no matter of 50Hz or 60Hz, production lines or equipment must use the same frequency power supply. Greencisco variable frequency converter equipment is a power supply device that converts 50Hz power supply to 60Hz power supply or 60Hz power supply to 50Hz power supply or a special frequency (25Hz, 400Hz, etc.) according to customers' different requirements. It provides stable, and high-quality power supply at the same frequency for production lines or equipment.

As a variable frequency converters ( indoor type and IP65 outdoor type,with water proof) for industrial production equipment, reliability and stability, as well as the ability to withstand large load current surges and carry complex loads, are particularly important. For this reason, our company has developed and produced many different kinds of variable frequency converter equipment products to meet customers' different requirements based on the characteristics of industrial production equipment.

The single power capacity of our variable frequency converter equipment ranges from 30kVA to 4000kVA; The input and output voltage level is determined by a three-phase 220V~20KV 50Hz/60Hz power supply or a special frequency power supply source; The output power supply adopts three-phase four wire system (center point insulation).

Our variable frequency converter equipment is strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards and specifications for industrial applications. With its superior performance, extremely high stability and reliability, as well as easy operation and basic maintenance free characteristics, it is widely used in various civilian and military fields such as industry, aviation, equipment import and export supporting industries, shipbuilding, shipyards,Navy, oil companies, airports,ports,docks, laboratories,etc.

Advantages of Greencisco frequency converters below:

  1. Indoor type and IP65 outdoor frequency converters available

  2. Capacity from 30KVA to 16000KVA available, 50Hz to 60Hz,50Hz to 400Hz, 60Hz to 50Hz, 60Hz to 400Hz, ( special application:25Hz; 1500Hz)

  3. Voltage range: 220VAC,380VAC,400VAC,415VAC,440VAC,480VAC,690VAC,10KV,22KV,ect.

  4. With RS485 communication and 5MHz optical fiber transmission, can be remotely monitored and controlled by customers' central monitor systems.

  5. With parallel functions, and current sharing or one converter is working, the others are standby functions

  6. With very high quality, MTBF>500000hours without any quality problems, design life>25 years,

  7. Large LCD touch screen display

  8. Successfully provided them to esteemed Navy customers, shipyards, ports, airports,oil companies,electricity customers and large factory customers with zero fault for many years.

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