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Industrial Online UPS (480V)

Applied to Power plants, Substations, Power distribution Centers, Petroleum, Chemical, Natural Gas Stations,etc.



Electricity professional UPS are designed for power plants, substations, Power distribution Centers, with dual exchange-line and zero conversion function. Mainly used for RTU, power monitoring. When main supply is normal, power of single-phase 220V (or three-phase 380V), after isolation, rectification, filtering through the inverter, provide stable power supply to the load.

When the DC screen is under voltage or power fails, it switches to bypass power supply; When electricity is restored, the inverter automatically switches to main supply. If the inverter overload or fails, it switches to bypass power supply and gives an alarm.

Input voltage: 380Vac,384Vac,432Vac,480Vac,528Vac/3phases; 

Output voltage: 220Vac,230Vac,240Vac,380Vac,384Vac,480Vac/3phases available or 120Vac, 220Vac,230Vac,240Vac/1phase available

Battery voltage: 125Vdc,216Vdc,220Vdc, 380Vdc,384Vdc, 432Vdc, 480Vdc available; Batteries can be with lead acid batteries or nickel cadmium batteries


●Adopt full digital control technology
●Intelligent detection and monitoring function.
●Digital control and static switch zero switching.
●Input/output full isolation
●DC UPS isolated with utility power completely.
●Cubicle design with power standard.
●Multifunctional protection for overvoltage,low voltage,Overcurrent, short circuit and so on.
●Large-screen LCD monitor Chinese and English operation
Ultra long 256 event records, user-friendly analysis and management to the situation of power supply. Static bypass has a strong anti-overload capacity.
●Control System
Adopt microprocessor bus control technology and ensure the real-time control of rectifier, inverter, static switch as well as coordination of each power part, characterized by increasing control of aging, higher reliability, enhance the efficiency of complete UPS system and the output  technical parameters are better than that of the generalcapacity of equipment.
6 pulse or 12 pulse fully controlled bridge (6 or 12 SCR)  composed of rectifier, its function is input AC 380V rectified for DC 405V or so. Control features for the "slope" start, that is to say the output voltage of rectifier within 10 seconds from the 0V to 405V and no impact on the power grid.
6 IGBT high power tubes of SPWM (sinusoidal pulse width modulation) composed of all Control bridge. It's function is to transform DC voltage for standard sinusoidal AC voltage by the special (△ /Y) zero phase shift zigzag type isolation transformer and become AC220V as load required;In addition,the transformer can eliminate from such as computer(non-linear load) reflect three times harmonic current capacity. Control feature adopt a "slow-down gate voltage" protection technology and greatly reduce the disturbance shutoff of inverter (inverter and static switch change each other), and increase the over-load capacity of complete UPS system, short circuit and anti-overload are better than general UPS, especially it’s anti-short-circuit capacity is unmatched by similar devices.
Inverter of UPS have a strong overload capacity
110% load-60 minutes
125% load-10 minutes
150% lad-1 minute
200% single phase load-30 seconds
Inverter has a strong capacity of anti-output short circuit current limiting and anti-step load impact 
290% rated current- 5 seconds, even if the user inadvertently causes the output short circuit or severe overload, the output current is still limited to a suitable range, rather than increasing without limit, thus make sure UPS has a long term and reliable running base.
●Static Switch
Not sync automatically switch:When the bypass of UPS and inverter are not synchronized,IPS9312 can automatically implement not sync switch, such as city electricity surge pulse width <5ms can ensure no power cutoff.When the bypass exceed limit, UPS will detect the bypass every 20ms, as long as the phase angle difference of bypass and inverter come back to the normal range, not synchronized bypass switch can be realized.
●Intelligent Monitoring
Via RS232/RS485, passive contact and power transmitter signal to transfer working status of UPS and real-time data to the DCS system, finally realize intelligent monitoring.



TS9312C 5KVA-60KVA








Voltage range304-480VAC 
Frequency range±5%
Power factor>0.9
Bypass voltage480VAC;3-phase+4wires
Input frequency50/60HZ±10%
Voltage120VAC/220VAC/230VAC/240VAC;single phase
Voltage stability±1% stead status
Power factor0.8
Overload≤110%for 60 minutes;≤125% for 10min;≤150% for 1min
Current Crest Ratio3:1
Transfer time0 ms
DC voltage110VDC/125VDC/216VDC/220VDC/384VDC/432VDC/480VDC,VRLA,gel,NiCd battery
Charge time8 hours to 90% (it means standard model which battery inside UPS)
DC ripple voltage<1%
LCD displayUPS status, input/output voltage and frequency,battery voltage, capacity,load temperature,history records,adjust Voltage,ECO mode
CommunicationRS232, AS400,RS485,SNMP (Optional),USB(Optional)
Working temperature0~40°C
Humidity0~95% non-condensing
Storage temperature-25°C~70°C