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Online ups(3ph) 60-500KVA;output PF:0.9/1.0 output

High frequency online UPS adopts double conversion and DSP digital control technology, with powerful functions.Which provide power protection for important equipments.



Local Area Networks,Cash Registers,Tax,Telecom,Postal,Radio and Television,Security Traffic,Electricity,Medical,Industrial Control,National Defense,Petrochemical,Ports and other important economic data field


High frequency online UPS adopts the double conversion online architecture ideal for resolving all issues on power supply. This state-of-the-art solution is especially designed for eliminating the power loss, extra high or low voltage of utility power, voltage sags or damped oscillation, high-voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter immunity, and frequency fluctuation etc., delivering safe and reliable power supply guarantee for user's load.

Main Features

●Advanced IGBT rectifier technology,input power factor:0.99
●Input THDi<3%
●Efficiency of the machines is as high as 94%
●Connect up to 8 units in parallel for maximum flexibility and compatible to battery share in the parallel mode,which helps the customers to extend the system capacity with low cost
●Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging
●Twin channel line input
●Large LCD display panel and convenient for operation
●Excellent electrical performance
●Double conversion pure online three-phase input and output three-phase ups
●UPS adopt double conversion technology, able to provide solutions to conditions like voltage instantaneous drop-off or damping concussion,high-voltage pulse,voltage pulsation, surge voltage,harmonic distortion,and frequency fluctuation.Guaratees a safe and reliable power.High-efficient,energy saving, green environmental protection
●The efficiency of the machines is as high as 94% and reaches over 98% in the ECO mode which can help to reduce the power loss of UPS.IGBT FM intelligent rectifier and inverter technology, the input power factor is as high as 0.99,input current harmonic wave(THDi) is as low as 3%.Industrial design standard, Excellent overload capacity
●IP21 protection level, which protects the machine from the intrusion of solid material with the diameter larger than 12mm or water drops.If a higher protection level is required, the optional dust-proof accessories can help to increase the protection level in industrial environment and safeguard the UPS security of operation in bad environment.UPS provide a broader range of input voltage from 210VAC to 475VAC, which ensure it can be applicable in the awful grid environment or different power supply equipment like generator,ect. With its extraordinary input frequency and the important is UPS can take 3-phase imbalance load.Powerful overload capacity: UPS can work normally under condition of 110-125% load to 10 minutes and 1 minute in the condition of 125-150% load. It also has the output short protection capability.
●Comprehensive monitoring communication interface
UPS with communication interfaces like RS232/RS485,intelligent slot are provided,SNMP card is available for the realization of remote management and monitoring.In addition,the optional AS400 card is suitable for the connection of stem point, which enriches the customers'choice out of the monitoring demand.N+X parallel redundancy (compatible to battery share in the parallel mode)Maximum of the inbuilt parallel mode is 8 UPS without any other external accessories, extend the system capacity with low cost. And flexible to upgrade the reliability of the system. The advanced controlling strategy is adopted to save customers’ investment by sharingbattery unit in the parallel redundancy mode.
●Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging
The CPU-controlled advanced intelligent charging of battery enables the UPS charger to rectify the charging parameter and provide the optimum charging modes in the answer to the environment,types and amounts of cells,and the using condition of the battery.The scientific charging mode extends the battery service lifetime.Frontal-board operation and maintenance.The full consideration of customers’ efficiency in using the UPS is embodied in the module design and frontal-board maintenance, which saves time for repairing and improves the machines usability.
●Meet all load types
Computer and electronic sensitive equipment belong to nonlinear loads, consume harmonic current generally,UPS output voltage distortion limited within 3% and has the ability to withstand 3:1 peak factor without reducing the rated power. Its ideal solution to these load requirements which are further save energy and avoid this phenomenon to adapt to nonlinear load and have to increase the UPS output power rating. 



HP9332C High frequency online UPS 60-500KVA











Voltage range208VAC-478VAC 
Frequency range40-70HZ
Power factor>0.99
Power factor0.9/1.0
Overload≤110%for 60 minutes;≤125% for 10min;≤150% for 1min
Current Crest Ratio3:1
Transfer time0 ms
DC voltage360/384/432/480VDC(selective),compatible to battery share in the parallel mode
Charge time8 hours to 90% (it means standard model which battery inside UPS)
Charge current24A36A50A80A100A130A
LCD displayUPS status, input/output voltage and frequency,battery voltage, capacity,load temperature,history records,adjust Voltage,ECO mode
CommunicationRS232, AS400,RS485,SNMP (Optional),USB(Optional)
Working temperature0~40°C
Humidity0~95% non-condensing
Storage temperature-25°C~55°C