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GNL series nickel cadmium batteries
Nickel cadmium pocket type alikaline rechargeable batteries are made with nickel cadmium plates and special alikaline electrolyte.
Nickel cadmium batteries have features of long life,excellent electrical performance,small self discharge rate, safety and working temperature:-40C-+60C degree, floating life: 20 years at 25C degree.

Batteries are widely used for power plant, UPS, oil and gas plant, electricity company, railway vehicle,diesal engine start, electrical vehicle, telecommunication, solar and wind power system,ect.
Nickel-cadmium batteries are made with materials of positive plate of nickel hydroxide and negative plates of cadmium oxide.The materials are separately retained in a pocket formed nickel plated steel strip which is double perforated process. 
According to capacity required,quantities of plate strips are linked together and cut to sizes corresponding to plate width required and compressed to final dimensions.The plates are welded and assembled on collectors to ensure high mechanical strength and improve conductivity. Electrolyte of nickel cadmium batteries is solution of potassium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide,which keeps about high performance, high safety,life and efficiency of batteries in a certain temperature ranges. Batteries are used with the low discharge rate at 0.5ItA and the discharge time for 3h to 5h for backup power, railway lighting power,UPS and other emergency backup power supplies. 
Wide operating temperature range: -40℃~60℃
Long service life of 20 years at float charging of 25℃
Excellent performance of overcharge/overdischarge
Excellent performance of mechanical and electrical abuse
Lower maintenance and replacement cost
Lower weight and reduced volume
High reliability without sudden death
With light weight,compact volume
Super high mechanical strength
Rated capacity range:10~1200Ah
Meet IEC60623-2001 standards/IEC61373:2010 vibration for railway application/UIC564-2:1999 firefighting for railway vehicles.


Please directly contact sales for detailed technical brochures.

Model Voltage
Terminal Dimension
GNL10 1.2 10 1.0 M6 38x84x138 MBS/PP
GNL20 1.2 20 2.0 M6 32x113x220 MBS/PP
GNL30 1.2 30 2.2 M10X1 68x134x245 MBS/PP
GNL40 1.2 40 2.6 M10X1 68x134x245 MBS/PP
GNL50 1.2 50 3.5 M10X1 68x134x245 MBS/PP
GNL60 1.2 60 4.2 M16 70x134x285 MBS/PP
GNL70 1.2 70 4.3 M10X1 80x144x365 MBS/PP
GNL80 1.2 80 4.7 M10X1 80x141x365  MBS/PP
GNL100 1.2 100 6.2 M10X1 80x141x365 MBS/PP
GNL120 1.2 120 6.4 M10X1 80x141x365 MBS/PP
GNL150 1.2 150 12 M20 106x164x345 MBS/PP
GNL200 1.2 200 14 M20 106x164x345 MBS/PP
GNL250 1.2 250 14 M20 164x167x345 MBS/PP
GNL300 1.2 300 22.5 M20 164x167x345 MBS/PP
GNL350 1.2 350 23 M20 152x170x385 PP
GNL400 1.2 400 25 M20 152x170x385 PP
GNL500 1.2 500 33.6 2XM16 138x276x490 PP
GNL600 1.2 600 34 2XM20 176x291x510 MBS
GNL700 1.2 700 40 2XM20 176x291x510 MBS
GNL800 1.2 800 57.5 2XM20 186x398x510 MBS
GNL900 1.2 900 63.5 2XM20 186x398x510 MBS
GNL1000 1.2 1000 76 2XM20 186x398x510 MBS

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