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Gas combination NiCd batteries
Nickel cadmium pocket type alikaline rechargeable batteries are made with nickel cadmium plates and special alikaline electrolyte.
Batteries can work at environment of high and low temperature
Nickel cadmium batteries are mainly used for railway vehicle systems, with features of low maintenance, long life,ect.
Sintered rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries are made with features of rigid construction,small internal resistance,long life,resistant to overcharge and discharge,wide operation temperature,high reliability,with ultra high discharge rate. Electrolyte of nickel cadmium batteries is solution of potassium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide,which keeps about high performance,high safety,life and efficiency of batteries in a certain temperature ranges. Nickel cadmium batteries for railway systems have features of low maintenance (no need of replenishing electrolyte after long-time working ), resistant to overcharge or over discharge,small self discharge,long life,high reliability. Using high purity electrolyte of potassium hydroxide to reduces the internal resistance of the nickel cadmium battery,improves the performance under low temperature,big current discharge and high temperature charge. Adopting the new valve control technology to avoid the decrease of water,prolongs the maintenance period of the nickel cadmium batteries,make sure of the performance of NiCd battery and extends the service life.
With super high efficiency of charging and discharging,lower water consumption
Compact volume, high specific energy, convenient for vehicles application
No need of maintenance at least within 3 years of continuous operation
Deep cycles over 5000times of charging and discharging
Wide operating temperature range: -50℃~70℃
Meet standard of IEC60623:2001/IEC62259:2003/IEC61373:2010 vibration for railway application/UIC564-2:1991 firefighting for railway vehicles.
Guangzhou Metro No.1;Shenzhen Metro No. 1 and 2; Dongguan Metro No.R2; high-speed train with 200-350km per hour, emergency lighting power for railway station, diesel engine starting, driving power for safety fence, signal for rail intersection
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Model Voltage
Terminal Dimension
RNL40 1.2 40 3.0 M10X1 145x53x245 ABS
RNL100 1.2 100 6.5 M16 139x79x362 ABS
RNL300 1.2 300 24 M16 171x136x451 steel
RNM100 1.2 100 7.0 M16 140x79x362 ABS
RNM120 1.2 120 7.3 M16 140x90x362 PP
RPX100 1.2 100 5.3 M16 138x61x266 PP
RPX120 1.2 120 5.0 M16 139x79x295 PP
RPX140 1.2 140 10.5 M16  166x106x350 PP
RPX170 1.2 170 10.7 M20X1.5 166x106x350 PP
RPX210 1.2 210 11 M20X1.5 166x106x350 PP
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