Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.
Household Solutions

For household and small Business 

Easy to use and reliable products for your small business 
Products supply pure continuous and reliable power for your PCs, Phones, TVs, DVD, Fans, Lighting and other critical business tools.
If power is suddenly lost, our software and hardware will enable your applications to be saved, reducing the risk of permanent and costly data loss. 
Key Benefits
● Long lasting protection for your IT tools
● Plug and play technology for ease of use
● Protection against sudden and costly data loss
● Economical prices that don't break your budget

Our lead acid batteries of 2V/4V/6V/12VDC, inverters of 500VA-10KVA, line interactive ups of 400VA-2KVA and online ups of 1KVA-20KVA,they are widely used for home appliances of toys, TV,DVD,fan,fax,PC computers, lights,POS,ATM and office devices,routers,ect.

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